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A lot of MIDI files are created with software that "robotize" the music loing the human and naturla touch of a song. In other cases, when the song tis recorded manually, is hard to follow the correcto beat and lose a lot of the sensitivity of each instuemnt. 

We analize each track tu be sure to have a correcto position in each percusive or tonal note humanizng and that way we give a more natural interpretation. We asign compression to the intruments that require ti such as bass drum or bass guitar and we correcto very evdent errors.

NOTE: The MIDI file will keep its original sonound because ir depends on the audio interfase or sond bank you are using, we only correct the digital signials of the instruments. 

PRICE: $10.00 USD

All next audio examples start with the original files we recieved and after some seconds, you can hear our audio mastering treatment.

EXAMPLE 1 DRUMS (Almost everytime you record drums or percusions manually, is hard to play in the exact beat and even using some Quantize functions, you lost a lot of the natural feeling in each sound)


EXAMPLE 2 PIANO (To record a piano ir sometimes very hard to follow  beat and is very easy to lose the sensitivity of the sound of a real instrement)


EXAMPE 3 GUITAR(To record a VSTi guitar is sometimes hard to sound like a real one becuase the riffs and separate chord playing is hard to emulate with a controler)

EXAMPLE 4 BALLAD (Complete songs recorded manually or even using wrong quantification parameters can male a song to lose realisim and natural sound of each track)