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Exporting a song to an audio file (WAV, AIFF, OGG, Mp3) does nota waranty a goos sound even the mixing parte was good when the last mastering final part is not done correctly.  

We make frecuency analysis for an addecuate mastering with the best compression, limiter, stereo redistribution and final equalization to give a final profesional sound. 

NOTE: Some files have a ver bad quality/distortion due to the original recording process and many times it can not be corrected even with a great masterization process. 

PRICE: $20.00 USD (songs with a maxumin duration for 8 mins) 

All next audio examples start with the original files we recieved and after some seconds, you can hear our audio mastering treatment.

EXAMPLES 1 GUITAR (Is very important to have a good recording ambient with adecuate acousitc isolation but it its not always posible or even the recording is LIVE, so we try to analyse the  frecuencies to eliminate background noise and enhance the best possible sound)


EXAMPLE 2 JAZZ (Many Jazz recordings, new or old can be enhance with a correct re-masterization)


EXAMPLE 3 ROCK (Almost all home-made recordings make a very hard work to give a final profesional sound, but even in those cases we can analyse and try to make a good masterization process to "clean" the sound)

EXAMPLE 4 CUMBIA (The cumbia songs have some "special" characteristics that are almost a rule to enhance such as the bass drums and bass guitar to sound as a profesional recording for a nice contrast with the treble percussions)


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