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MIDI to Mp3 (320 kb/s) o WAV (44.100 Hz 16-bits) 
To asign sounds to a MIDI files ans export it to an audio file can be tricky because it may me easy but it requires a complete and complicated process to achive a profesional and natural sound.
We analyse each track and select the best VSTi sound and effects to give a godd mixging process and an great final masterizacion for a profesional sound. 

PRICE: $20.00 USD (using the original MIDI file) 
         $25.00 USD (Making arrengments fot evident time and tune errors in the MIDI files) 

All next audio examples start with the original files we recieved and after some seconds, you can hear our audio mastering treatment.

EXAMPLE 1 BALLAD (Even if you make a nice MIDI file, the correct sound selection, mixing and mastering is essential to hace a final profesional sound)


EXAMPLE 2 SALSA (Recording digitally a salsa song is a complete challenge because there are so many instruments with very different sounds and dynamics, that is why us very important to be sure to have a correct MIDI file and select the correct sounds with a nice mixing and mastering process)


EXAMPLE 3 JAZZ (Almost all Jazz recordings requiere very dynamic instruments to sound real)

EXAMPLE 4 FUNK (Making Funk music requiers a lot of knowledge about bass and guitar grooves that sometimes are veru hard to emulate with the wrong sounds)

EXAMPLE 5 HEAVY METAL (Heavy metal requiers special techniques to record the feeling and riffs but also requiers special sounds from the drums, bass and guitar effects for a real heavy sound)